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Gotowski Industry and Transport Buildings and Structures


We design and perform, yet, thanks to the extended machine park we can also provide our clients with various services, e.g. cutting steel sheets, lifting and assembling with the level lift system.


Level lift system for large elements

  • One of the few such devices accessible in Poland.
    The system is made up of: four acting cylinders — arms: Enerpac (80 tonnes) and a hydraulic pump, 4-way splitter with a manometer, 3-way spliter with a manometer, hose BVA 6 m, hose 25 m (8 pieces); hoses of various lengths — 4—25 m (they enable various configurations of cylinder connections — with the use of valves, splitters, manometers, male and female connectors, etc.

Cutting steel

  • The cutting machine Jantar-2 is a numerically controlled device for cutting steel sheets with the use of gas burner. It can be used for cutting steel along straight and curved lines either with the provided software or manual operation. The gas burner enables cutting steel sheets of various thickness. The applied system are oxygen and propane cutting technologies.
    — possible cutting thickness — from 3 to 100 mm
    — maximum cutting width — 3 m
    — maximum length — 12 m
    — accuracy +/- 1 mm.

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Gotowski Industry and Transport Buildings and Structures